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ADHD Focus Strategies-Learning Styles Testing

Testing for learning styles is an essential part of ADHD diagnosis and is absolutely necessary before trying to plan for ways to improve one’s focus and attention span. Dr. Stephen Guffanti and I have been added to the Howtolearn.com expert panel for ADHD-behavior problems and recently answered a subscriber’s questions about strategic planning for learning to focus as an ADHD adult. The same principles in evaluating an adult for ADHD apply to both children and teens suspected of being ADHD. Once a proper and accurate ADHD diagnosis has been made, a parent, educator or healthcare professional must decide what type of learning style the adult, teen or child possesses in order to put together a realistic ADHD treatment plan for learning attention-holding-focus-hyper focusing skills. I explain to parents, teachers and other doctors that failing to evaluate what type of learner a person is before outlining and prescribing behavioral training is like getting in a car to go on vacation without a roadmap-not knowing how to get there-much less not knowing where you’re headed. If you’re considering ADHD behavioral therapy or ADHD focus training for your child, teen or spouse, you might want to take a look at this answer and… Read the rest
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