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Stopping ADHD Medications May Cause Social Behavior Problems

Within just a couple of days of stopping ADHD drugs, blood levels fall to almost zero and an ADHD or behavior disorder child will often start showing the very same symptoms he or she had when the diagnosis or misdiagnosis of ADHD was originally made. In my last post, I mentioned the social issues of stopping your ADHD child’s or teen’s medications during holidays and vacations. During this post, I’d like to explain what happens when an ADHD child is no longer able to control his or her impulsivity or concentrate sufficiently to maintain his or her social interaction skills. Many experts agree that behavior disordered kids have problems with social skills-making and keeping friends-playing with others-dating-meeting strangers-working on a job with others-because they don’t pay close enough attention to the little things required to interact with others. When a child can’t pay attention or focus on his or her immediate surroundings they will often miss the words-(verbal cues)-the small hand and face gestures-and the body movements that allow the rest of us to understand what is going on in a conversation with friends, family, co-workers and other students. As a result, these kids often misunderstand how others are trying… Read the rest
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