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Australian Experts Concerned about ADHD Diagnosis

Happy Monday! This is sort of a special post, as I normally post on Tuesday and Thursday. I just thought this alert I received about Australian Experts meeting to consider the diagnosis or misdiagnosis of ADHD to be important to our understanding of how the rest of the world thinks about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Here is a key statement found in their conference post that probably describes the tone of their meeting: “Opinions as to the validity of ‘ADHD’ as a psychiatric disorder vary among the invited participants. Some consider that ‘ADHD’ is a real but rare condition that is mis-diagnosed and over-medicated; others consider ‘ADHD’ a fraud.” “However, all participants agree that unnecessarily administering powerful psychotropic drugs to children is a violation of their rights and often results in serious short and long term harm.” They really take the potential for ADHD misdiagnosis-overdiagnosis and harm to a child’s success in life very seriously! I propse that we take ADHD evaluation and treatment just as seriously. After all, the futures of our children may very well depend on it! Dr. Frank You can read the rest of the announcement at: Sit Up & Sit Still The Story of ADHD… Read the rest
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