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ADHD Impulsive Behavior and Risk of the Choking Game

ADHD impulsive behavior increases the risk of teens playing the choking game and what parents and teachers should watch for…. Impulsivity is one of the key symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as most of us who deal with children and teens with ADHD can readily attest. Sometimes, ADHD impulsive behavior can be of great benefit both for the person who is ADHD and for others around him or her. It’s often said that without impulsivity the world would have no great military leaders, no outstanding sports heroes, no successful entrepreneurs and maybe even a lot fewer doctors.  The reason is simple: Most of the great discoveries, most of the best inventions, most military endeavors, and most of the world’s most successful surgeons have one trait in common. They are risk takers and on top of it all, they are impulsive extreme risk takers. So, in some cases, impulsivity and risk taking behavior may benefit us all. Unfortunately though, not all risk takers are striving for advancement or betterment. Some impulsive boys and girls are engaging in risk taking behavior just for the sake of a quick high. The choking game played by preteens and teens is one such example of this… Read the rest

Building Confidence and Self Esteem in ADHD children

Building Self Esteem in ADHD Kids Impulsivity and poor attention span worsen in children and teens with ADHD who suffer from poor confidence and poor self-esteem. Just ask any seasoned grade-school teacher-Impulsive and inattentive ADHD children usually have anger-frustration issues and often suffer social problems and make poor grades due to lack of confidence and the poor self-esteem that goes with it. This observation is so important that my friend James Sutton, the renowned child psychologist goes so far as to say; “a low tolerance for frustration is almost always a tip-off to low self-esteem.” Unfortunately, many parents and teachers tend to think of confidence and self-esteem as one in the same. While confidence is an integral part of building self-esteem, being confident that you can do something or confident that you can be somebody does not guarantee success in building a positive personal self-image. For a child with ADHD, or without ADHD, to build confidence in doing something; it’s necessary for them to take a risk and face the possibility of failure as a result of taking that risk. As they successfully face and “defeat” each risk, they build increasing levels of confidence and take little steps toward building self-esteem.  With repeated success in… Read the rest

Mediterranean Diet may help ADHD behavior

The Mediterranean Diet may just be the key to treating ADHD behavior without drugs! In previous articles, we’ve discussed how elimination diets have been used for years to diagnose and treat food allergies. Likewise, for some time, many ADHD experts have cautioned parents of ADHD children to avoid or eliminate certain drinks and foods in the ADHD child’s diet-those that adversely affect their behavior. At least three times a week, a parent will tell me how their child or teen with ADHD can eat or drink things that make their child’s behavior worse. In contrast, only once a month will a parent tell me they have discovered the perfect ADHD diet-the one that helps their child control his or her ADHD impulsive and easily distracted behavior. Many times, the diet that they have discovered is the Mediterranean Diet or at least a modified type of the diet. Why did they stumble across this type of diet? Parents of ADHD children who are not responding to their ADHD medications or therapy are often so frustrated they will look for alternative or natural therapies to help improve their child’s behavior, concentration, and grades. These parents literally feel defeated and often despair over the… Read the rest

ADHD Behavior-Changing Unwanted Behaviors in the New Year

Parents of ADHD children can empower their child to change unwanted impulsive behaviors in the New Year by using simple training tips! Here we are at the end of one year and about to start a new one. Most of us are happy to see the year end, as our optimism says we’ll definitely see new and better things as the New Year progresses. However, as I’ve discovered in the past, there’s always a group of parents who are indeed happy the old year is at a close, but are dreading having to deal with their ADHD child’s behavior in another school session. Maybe their ADHD teen has a bad attitude and is making failing grades. Maybe their ADHD daughter answers every question with “duh” or “whatever”, frustrating both parents and teachers. Maybe they can’t take their 9 year-old to the mall or to church or just about anywhere without being embarrassed by his behavior or constant butting-in adult conversations. Whatever is going on…ADHD behavior can cause so much personal, family, and classroom stress that no one wants to be around the child or teen with ADHD. In fact, research has shown that teachers, siblings, other family members when… Read the rest
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