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ADHD Drug Holiday: Should Kids Stop Therapy on Christmas Vacation?

Stopping ADHD Therapy during the Christmas holidays might cause worsened behavior and relapse of ADHD. The holidays are rapidly approaching and more and more parents are asking about stopping their ADHD child’s medications or therapy while they are out of school. So just what are the best answers to these questions: “Should I stop Andrew’s Adderall while he is out of school for Christmas?” “Doesn’t he need to take a break from these pills and all of that behavior training?” The answers to both questions are…it depends. Yes, whether or not you should stop an ADHD child’s medication and behavior training over the holidays should depend on: How well your child is doing on his or her ADHD therapy. Is their behavior so much improved that if you were to stop the ADHD drugs or therapy he or she will once again become very hyper or impulsive? Will annoying attitudes show back up? Have you tried supervised ADHD drug holidays in the past? Were they successful or were you ready to pull out that last grey hair until therapy was restarted? What are your expectations (or your child’s expectations) for your child over the holidays? Do you expect him or her to learn… Read the rest
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