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ADHD Teens-Impulsivity, Alcohol and Drugs during the holidays

Impulsivity is what usually gets ADHD teens in trouble with alcohol and drugs during the holidays! Fortunately, there are several things you can do before uncontrolled or untreated Impulsivity gets your ADHD teen in legal trouble over the holidays. The holiday season tends to be one of the most common times for teenagers with ADHD to experiment with drugs and alcohol because of all of those unsupervised parties and other social events. Being around friends and even strangers who are smoking the weed, taking a few uppers or tabs, and drinking beer or liquor seems to destroy  whatever inhibitions an ADHD teen normally has. Their ADHD behavior tendency to be impulsive-take risks without thinking about them or the consequences-just seems to get worse making them more likely to try a few drinks or a take a few puffs of that reefer or pop a few pills-often without knowing what they are. Unfortunately, Carissa was not an exception to the rule… Carissa’s mom phoned me at 11:30 on a Saturday night to tell me she had been arrested. She was scared that Carissa would be molested or raped in jail and wanted me to help get her out immediately. Carissa was… Read the rest

ADHD Misdiagnosis-ADHD Treatment: Guilt by association

Many a kid or teen has been misdiagnosed as a child with ADHD based on guilt by association. I’ve often warned parent, educators and other doctors how it’s too easy to slap the diagnosis of ADHD on a child with behavior problems…and how very difficult it is to remove that label once it has been put on anyone. A child or an adult might be wrongfully labeled as ADHD because: A learning disability and inattentiveness caused by problems hearing, a vision disorder, a mismatch between learning styles He or she has a brother or a sister with ADHD…or a father or a mother who was ADHD He acts like he has ADHD-is impulsive, can’t focus, can’t organize, and gets hyper at times There is nothing else that seems to explain his or her behavior He or she is friends with a person who is ADHD. There is great danger in assuming a child is ADHD just because he or she has one of the above…just labeling a child, teen or adult with ADHD can damage their potential for success in life. Mislabeling a child as ADHD can lead to self-esteem issues, classroom bias and discrimination, perception… Read the rest

ADHD Misdiagnosis-Increased Awareness in Parents and Teachers

ADHD Misdiagnosis-Increased Awareness in Parents and Teachers One of my many goals in publishing this blog-Mistakenforadhd.com is to help increase awareness of the pitfalls parents face when it comes to making an accurate ADHD diagnosis and finally deciding on the best ADHD treatment. We all need to be involved in improving the process of identifying suspected ADHD children, evaluating their behavior problems or learning problems thoroughly and making sure that they are not misdiagnosed as ADHD instead of being treated for the real cause of their behavior. I believe if teachers, doctors, therapists and parents don’t develop a keener sense of what is and what is not ADHD that we are going to have an ADHD misdiagnosis crisis that may harm the futures of more than 4 million children and teens in the next year. In order to help improve that public awareness and sound a warning about the pain and suffering that misdiagnosing and mislabeling a child with ADHD can cause; I’ve been doing dozens of radio talk show and recently was invited for interview on a popular television show in Greenville, SC. Both of the hosts, Jack Roper and Kimberly Kelly have serious concerns about ADHD misdiagnosis Read the rest

ADHD Treatment-Testing for Heart Problems

I’ve discovered many parents worry that their ADHD child might have serious side effects when treated with stimulants such as amphetamine salts or methylphenidate. Some of these parents have heard stories or read news reports about children with ADHD who had heart problems (irregular heartbeats called cardiac arrhythmias and sudden death) after taking ADHD drugs. As noted in an earlier post; ADHD in Children: Risk of Heart Problems with ADHD Drugs; ADHD stimulants should not be used in children with known or suspected heart disease. What if a parent isn’t sure if his or her ADHD child has suffered heart damage from a prior illness or was born with an undetected heart problem? Your child’s ADHD doctor will do a thorough examination based on the history or information you have provided.  After reviewing blood tests, he or she may decide to do more detailed tests to make sure your ADHD child doesn’t have a heart problem and won’t be harmed by ADHD medications. Several tests are available to help with this task… Just taking your child’s blood pressure in both arms and listening to his or her heart and lungs with a stethoscope may give your doctor an idea… Read the rest

ADHD Expert-How do you know when you need one?

Here are four warning signs that you need an ADHD expert to evaluate your child’s behavior. Doctors who treat ADHD are just like any other medical specialist; they often have very differing opinions as compared to other doctors and healthcare professionals. I’ve been in medical conferences with as many as 300 other doctors when 7 medical school professors on a question and answer panel couldn’t agree on the best way to treat pneumonia, much less evaluate and treat as complex a problem as ADHD. Why? Because not every doctor has the training or abilities necessary to successfully evaluate and treat ADHD and behavior disorders. So how do you know when you need to consult a super-specialist about your child’s ADHD and who should you consult? Here are the warning signs that something’s wrong with your child’s ADHD diagnosis and that you need more help: Your child’s doctor can’t reasonably explain why your child’s behavior isn’t getting better despite multiple drugs and behavioral therapy Your child’s behavior gets worse despite therapy You suspect your child is really not ADHD, but has suffered ADHD misdiagnosis You can’t communicate with your doctor… your relationship has become strained by the fact that your child isn’t… Read the rest
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