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New Learning Resource for ADHD Children Now Available

New Learning Resource for ADHD Children Now Available Amazing Grades, Pat Wyman’s Compilation of learning experts is now available at Here’s a description…. Amazing Grades is a worldwide goodwill book with 101 best-selling authors and experts, from 13 countries around the world, sharing their strategies for getting better grades faster. It is the result of a year’s collaboration by those 101 authors and is the first book ever to include 3 learning style strategies so that help students master the information in their own style and improve their grades faster. There are video strategies, (scan tags which include related videos); auditory strategies (all authors read their chapters aloud) and kinesthetic strategies so that students can interact with the material in the book. In addition, the book contains life skills strategies in all areas that affect student achievement as well as learning strategies that outline specifics on: How to decrease study time by at least half by using picture maps How to get motivated in 5 minutes or less How to get rid of learning roadblocks using these 5 specifics How to read faster than you ever thought possible How to handle any special learning differences such ADHD How… Read the rest

Anger issues can be part of ADHD

Anger issues can be part of ADHD Many ADHD children and adults have problems with anger. After all, many times anger occurs as a result of poor impulsivity control. If you can’t delay an impulsive action, then it’s hard to delay the feelings that often escalate to frustration and anger. It’s not unusual for both parents and doctors to assume that anger results from being spoiled, from lack of discipline, as a side effect of bipolar disorder or depression, or one or more of dozens of other problems. Sometimes the fact that anger can often be a part of the behavior of ADHD goes unrecognized. Other times, I suspect it becomes a subject of gross denial, as parents and healthcare professionals try to sort through the many causes of anger. ADHD experts point out all of the frustration that children and adults with ADHD have to suffer is one of the major reasons for anger in these persons. Why? It’s hard enough for a child or teen who is not ADHD to deal with frustration and failure, but just think about how difficult it is for the ADHD kid, teen or adult. As a result, ADHD anger can keep… Read the rest

Using ADHD medications to improve self-esteem in ADHD children and teens

How to Build Self Esteem in ADHD Kids Five Using ADHD medications to improve self-esteem in ADHD children and teens It’s a simple fact: ADHD children and teens with ADHD cannot build self-esteem if they can’t concentrate on or pay attention to the visual, auditory and non-verbal cues that they must absorb in order to learn social skills and advance in academics. (Long sentence…but necessary to get it all out!) Everyone is quick to describe the child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as impulsive, poorly focused, having poor social skills and possibly hyperactive-driven to distraction. But they often forget the single most consistently occurring core symptom of ADHD is poor attention span or inattentiveness, not hyperactivity or impulsivity. In my experience, about 70% to 75% of kids with ADHD will need medication to help them focus better, pay better attention and decrease their impulsivity and hyperactivity so that they can learn all of those things needed to build self-esteem. The other 25% to 30% of ADHD children and teens will either get better with coaching or behavior training or will just go untreated. Once again I’d like to point out an untreated or undertreated child with ADHD will suffer multiple… Read the rest

How to Build Self Esteem in ADHD Kids Three

Finding a great coach for your child with ADHD Finding the perfect lifestyles coach for your ADHD child or teen isn’t as easy a job as you might think…and at the same time, you’d be surprised at the people you already know that make great coaches. This, our third article in the series “Building self-esteem in kids, whether ADHD or not” deals with the characteristics of a great ADHD behavior coach. And as you read to the end of the article, you’ll understand where to look for a coach and how to pick the best one for your child with ADHD. Between 14% and 17% of parents of ADHD behavior disordered children will choose treating their child’s behavior problem with this option-ADHD lifestyles coaching-instead of drugs or traditional cognitive behavioral training. Why? Because parents are increasingly worried about putting their children on ADHD drugs that often have many side-effects and really don’t “cure anything!”  Like yourself, these parents believe that training a child to recognize and manage his own behavior without medications gives the child a chance “to grow out of” or at least develop skills that let them control their ADHD traits by their late… Read the rest

How to Build Self Esteem in ADHD Kids Two

In this second article on “Building self-esteem in kids, whether ADHD or not”, we will continue looking at ways to build self-esteem and confidence in all children, teens, and just maybe in adults, too. Just like most children with learning problems, kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have poor confidence, a shaky self-image and poor self-esteem. This combination of social-communication shortcomings usually leads to disaster sooner or later as these kids and teens fail to develop and retain the skills necessary to survive in an academic environment, needed to get and retain a job; and fail to acquire the social-interpersonal skills used in building a successful life. “If you can’t clearly and effectively tell someone what you’re thinking or what you want them to do; then you can’t expect them to understand you.” For these very reasons, ADHD experts and child behavior experts place a great deal of emphasis on building confidence levels and a positive self-image-self-esteem in all children and teens (and sometimes adults) in their care. This is often done by teaching the ADHD-behavior problem child the skills needed to build positive self-worth, positive self-image, and good confidence leading to improved self-esteem. Ways to build positive… Read the rest

How to Build Self Esteem in ADHD Kids One

This article might have been better titled; “Building self-esteem in kids, whether ADHD or not.”  The reason is that it’s terribly important for parents and teachers to learn ways to build self-esteem and confidence in all children and teens, not just those kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Most children with ADHD suffer low confidence levels, poor self-image and poor self-esteem as a result of their impulsive behavior and terrible communication and social skills. Therefore, building self-esteem and confidence in ADHD teens and children is often viewed as next to impossible and many teachers and parents become frustrated and give up too easily. I know each and every one of you wants what’s best for their children-both parents and teachers alike.Also, I know how frustrating it can be to deal with an ADHD child’s ups and downs as I have helped raise many of them, including one of my own. So, please let me help by sharing a few of the important things I’ve discovered about dealing with ADHD kids (and kids who are not ADHD) who are suffering low self-esteem: 85% of children with ADHD behavior problems have poor self-image and low self-esteem. 25% of children… Read the rest

Learning Styles Problems can cause Bad Grades in ADHD Children

Many children with ADHD have learning style problems that once corrected may lead to improved grades and academic performance. Quite often, children with ADHD have problems learning and remembering what they have learned, because of the principal traits of their ADHD behavior disorder; poor concentration and short attention span. Even when properly treated with ADHD medications, many of these kids and teens will continue to suffer bad grades and academic failure because ADHD drugs do not treat or cure learning problems. ADHD drugs are used to decrease impulsivity and improve concentration in hopes that by doing so, the ADHD child will be able to better learn. Many ADHD children will improve grades once treated with one of the medications for ADHD. However, if the child’s learning style does not match his or her learning experience, no amount of any drug will help improve those grades. What do I mean by “Learning Styles?” I’m sure you know friends and family who were “touchers”-they had to touch everything in order to understand what was going on or to learn a new skill. We call those persons “Kinesthetic learners” or “hands-on learners.” Kinesthetic learning is just one of several learning… Read the rest
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