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Helping ADHD College Students make better Grades

Helping ADHD College Students make better Grades This article should probably be titled How to help your college student with ADHD survive and make better grades. But…that title is way too long. By now, probably all students who are going back to college are back “in the grind.”  And if your ADHD teenager is one of those, you’re probably already worried about how he or she will cope with a new school, deal with returning to the same school or how you can help so they will study harder and make better grades. There is hope…there really are ways you can help your ADHD college student survive his or her first year and each subsequent year of academic life.  With that ray of sunshine in mind, please let me share a few of the more than 50 tips on dealing with ADHD in college that I’ve collected from parents of college students and from students with ADHD themselves over the past few years. Here goes…. Do not keep your child’s ADHD diagnosis a secret from everyone at college. A mom told me several years ago that she and her husband thought it best to protect their son from… Read the rest

Children with ADHD at Risk for Bullying and Self Harm

Children with ADHD at Risk for Bullying and Self Harm ADHD experts have long known that children, teens and adults with ADHD are at increased risk for bullying at school, work and even at home. Unfortunately, a recent study showed children bullied by peerswhen they are younger are up to three times more likely to harm themselves in adolescence.” Researchers followed 1,116 sets of twins from 1994 to 1995 until their twelfth birthday and discovered almost 8% of those who were victims of frequent bullying deliberated tried to harm themselves. In contrast, only 2% of those who were not bullied tried self-harming behaviors. Observed self-harming behaviors included: Attempted suicide by strangulation Cutting arms Biting body parts Banging their head against walls And pulling out clumps of hair. In our practice, we have seen kids who deliberated excessively tattooed parts of their body as a result of the stress of being bullying. One teenage girl told me she had done so in hopes her tormentors would leave her alone because they would think she was crazy. Another bully-abused teen in our practice explained he tattooed his arms to keep from “slicing and dicing them with my knife.”  His tattoos… Read the rest

How to Build Self Esteem in ADHD Kids Two

In this second article on “Building self-esteem in kids, whether ADHD or not”, we will continue looking at ways to build self-esteem and confidence in all children, teens, and just maybe in adults, too. Just like most children with learning problems, kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have poor confidence, a shaky self-image and poor self-esteem. This combination of social-communication shortcomings usually leads to disaster sooner or later as these kids and teens fail to develop and retain the skills necessary to survive in an academic environment, needed to get and retain a job; and fail to acquire the social-interpersonal skills used in building a successful life. “If you can’t clearly and effectively tell someone what you’re thinking or what you want them to do; then you can’t expect them to understand you.” For these very reasons, ADHD experts and child behavior experts place a great deal of emphasis on building confidence levels and a positive self-image-self-esteem in all children and teens (and sometimes adults) in their care. This is often done by teaching the ADHD-behavior problem child the skills needed to build positive self-worth, positive self-image, and good confidence leading to improved self-esteem. Ways to build positive… Read the rest

Learning Problems often blamed on ADHD Behavior

Poor Self Esteem and Confidence ADHD Problems Poor self-esteem and confidence problems must be corrected before ADHD behavior learning problems can be “fixed”! Many times teachers and parents blame an ADHD child’s learning difficulties on his or her behavior and insist the ADHD behavior must be “fixed” before learning problems can be corrected.   Unfortunately, this is sort of like putting the proverbial horse before the cart. If you ask a hundred parents and teachers to describe an ADHD child’s behavior, many of us can predict what they’ll say. Just about 100 percent of those asked know a child with ADHD will show: Impulsive behavior Poor attention span And sometimes hyperactivity. Of course, these are all core symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and they have been drilled over and over into everybody’s brain. Erroneously, we’re told these are the things, teachers, parents and doctors are supposed to look for when a child isn’t learning or cuts-up in class. Unfortunately, with so much hype on the core symptoms of ADHD, the other more often outstanding and life-altering symptoms of poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, and poor self-image are overlooked or out-right neglected. It is literally impossible to improve a child’s ability to learn without first addressing Read the rest

ADHD Teen Impulsive Behavior and Shoplifting during the holidays

Teens with ADHD may have increased impulsive behavior during the holidays that leads to shoplifting and stealing! Teenagers and sometimes pre-teens often expect immediate reward or gratification, even when they can’t afford or don’t deserve either.  But, most of the time, these children can delay immediate gratification, usually realizing that they must wait patiently for rewards and objects they desire. In contrast, ADHD teens and pre-teens many times either won’t or can’t delay trying to immediately get what they want or think they deserve. This is simply part of the impulsive behavior that most teenagers with ADHD show between 50 and 75 percent of the time. Unfortunately, all of the bright lights, fast moving and tempting television ads, expectations discussed by other teens and adults and the excitement of the holiday season tend to make an ADHD teen’s  impulsivity surge and fall like riding an emotional roller coaster. It’s often during these bouncing ups and downs that ADHD teens are tempted to obtain what they want-what they think they’ve been cheated out of-and what they think they deserve-by stealing or shoplifting. We consider the behavior of shoplifting to be an uncontrolled impulsive act intended to obtain something of perceived… Read the rest

ADHD Children-Ready to return to school?

Summer is the perfect time to prepare for potential problems that your ADHD might face in the coming school year. You know the problems I talking about-modifications in the classroom for his or her learning experience, dealing with school social and athletic events and planning in advance to make those as emotionally trauma-free as possible, and preventing yet another year for potential bias and discrimination. With these goals in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a resource that I use when I’m looking for answers to the legal problems that tend to pop up from time to time while dealing with behavior problem children, teens and adults. I’m talking about and their Special Ed Advocate newsletter. It’s rare to find a resource as focused on helping parents, educators and professionals deal with children with special needs…but as I said, I use Wrightslaw for that very reason. The latest issue gives links to the top 5 most popular articles in the past 6 months. Topics include: • Discrimination: Section 504 and ADA • Response to Intervention – RTI • Individualized Education Programs – IEPs • Behavior Problems and Discipline • IDEA 2004 All valuable resources that you… Read the rest

ADHD Misdiagnosis-Increased Awareness in Parents and Teachers

ADHD Misdiagnosis-Increased Awareness in Parents and Teachers One of my many goals in publishing this is to help increase awareness of the pitfalls parents face when it comes to making an accurate ADHD diagnosis and finally deciding on the best ADHD treatment. We all need to be involved in improving the process of identifying suspected ADHD children, evaluating their behavior problems or learning problems thoroughly and making sure that they are not misdiagnosed as ADHD instead of being treated for the real cause of their behavior. I believe if teachers, doctors, therapists and parents don’t develop a keener sense of what is and what is not ADHD that we are going to have an ADHD misdiagnosis crisis that may harm the futures of more than 4 million children and teens in the next year. In order to help improve that public awareness and sound a warning about the pain and suffering that misdiagnosing and mislabeling a child with ADHD can cause; I’ve been doing dozens of radio talk show and recently was invited for interview on a popular television show in Greenville, SC. Both of the hosts, Jack Roper and Kimberly Kelly have serious concerns about ADHD misdiagnosis Read the rest
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