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Christmas Shopping with the ADHD Child

Christmas Shopping with the ADHD Child This article could also be titled “How to avoid the stress of Christmas shopping with a child with ADHD and behavior problems.” I bet you have a horror story about shopping with a son or daughter who made your trip to the mall so bad that you swore you’d never take them back again. If that’s the case, then you’ll be able to empathize with this mom. Christopher had been successfully treated for ADHD for two years. You could hear him screaming from halfway across the store. The louder he got, the louder his mom got in a shouting match that was stopping passersby’s and had to be terribly embarrassing for the mom. “I want this airplane now. I don’t want to wait for Christmas. I ‘m not going to wait for Santa to bring it. I want it now!” He was throwing items out of her shopping cart as he screamed and threatened; “And if you don’t buy it….I’ll….I’ll” She responded loudly; “If you don’t shut-up and behave yourself, you won’t get anything for Christmas….much less this airplane. Now, put it back on the shelf.” I was shopping for Christmas presents at… Read the rest

Medications for ADHD: Dangers of Addiction, Misuse and Abuse

Medications for ADHD: Dangers of Addiction, Misuse and Abuse Many readers have recently asked what happens when a child or adult who is not ADHD takes a drug for ADHD.  Most were concerned about the stimulant ADHD drugs such as methamphetamine or mixed salts amphetamines. It’s easy to understand their concern as many news print and broadcast articles have discussed the current epidemic of ADHD stimulant medication misuse and overuse. In fact, many cities have a big problem with women and men who use drugs like Adderall to lose weight or provide bursts of energy and stay awake for many hours at a time and college and high school students who use the same or a similar drug to help study for exams and improver grades. In some of these cities, users actually pay to attend parties or lectures where they learn how to fake the symptoms of ADHD in order to legally obtain ADHD drugs or how to buy or swap them with those who students who really have ADHD.. However, it seems the majority of these questions came about as a result of parents or spouses discovering their child or other loved one was taking a drug Read the rest

How to Stop ADHD Medications for the Summer

How to Stop ADHD Medications for the Summer How can I stop my son’s or daughter’s medications for ADHD without causing problems? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from parents of children with ADHD during the early part of the summer.  Many parents feel their ADHD child or teen should be taken off of their ADHD drugs during the summer. Here are a few of their arguments about stopping ADHD drugs: When I was little, my doctor told my parents to stop my ADHD medications to give me a rest over the summer I’m afraid he’s been on them too long without a break and they will damage his brain I’d like to see if her behavior gets better over the summer without those drugs School is out now and since we only started the ADHD medications to improve his grades, he doesn’t need them while he’s out of school I don’t feel like fighting him (or her) to get him (or her) to take the drug while we’re on vacation It’s not like he (or she) is going to be reading or studying over the summer, so I want to give him (or her) a… Read the rest

Children with ADHD at Risk for Bullying and Self Harm

Children with ADHD at Risk for Bullying and Self Harm ADHD experts have long known that children, teens and adults with ADHD are at increased risk for bullying at school, work and even at home. Unfortunately, a recent study showed children bullied by peerswhen they are younger are up to three times more likely to harm themselves in adolescence.” Researchers followed 1,116 sets of twins from 1994 to 1995 until their twelfth birthday and discovered almost 8% of those who were victims of frequent bullying deliberated tried to harm themselves. In contrast, only 2% of those who were not bullied tried self-harming behaviors. Observed self-harming behaviors included: Attempted suicide by strangulation Cutting arms Biting body parts Banging their head against walls And pulling out clumps of hair. In our practice, we have seen kids who deliberated excessively tattooed parts of their body as a result of the stress of being bullying. One teenage girl told me she had done so in hopes her tormentors would leave her alone because they would think she was crazy. Another bully-abused teen in our practice explained he tattooed his arms to keep from “slicing and dicing them with my knife.”  His tattoos… Read the rest

Cure ADHD Behavior without using Drugs

Cure ADHD Behavior without using Drugs ADHD behavior can be cured or treated without using drugs or medications for ADHD or behavioral problems. Avoiding medications for treating ADHD and other behavior disorders now seems to be a hot topic on both parent’s and other healthcare professional’s minds. Why you ask? I believe it’s because so much research is now available showing ADHD behavior can actually be caused by so many things that clearly are not ADHD. In addition, most of us have now heard the recent news of statistics that show as many as 1 in 5 US children will be diagnosed as ADHD by the end of this year. If one in five children in the US is diagnosed as ADHD, nearly 14 million kids will be treated with either ADHD drugs or behavioral therapy by the end of this year. Of those, we expect between 5 and 7 million will have been misdiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. That’s scary and in fact is scaring so many parents of children treated with medications for ADHD that they are now asking questions – questions they never asked before. Yes, with more and better information available, parents like yourself; are… Read the rest

ADHD Drug Abuse in High School Students

ADHD Drug Abuse in High School Students In this article, I’ll discuss ways to spot ADHD drug abuse and illegal use of stimulants in high school students as we near the end of school. It almost always happens in the first week of May each year, but for some reason occurred earlier in April this year. Sometimes, it’s the student that shows up in my office-usually asking for Adderall-because they didn’t realize they had all the symptoms of ADHD until just a couple of days ago. At other times, it’s a parent who requests the drug, because their child’s concentration has suddenly gone south for some unexplained reason. All of these parents and high school students have the same thing in common-bad grades, poor test scores and failing marks in class. They suddenly either want to be treated for ADHD or want their high school student treated for ADHD, because of failing grades or they won’t go to the next grade or won’t get their diploma and graduate. Whatever the reason, most have memorized the signs and symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and can recite them just like they are reading them out of a book. In other words,… Read the rest

Last Minute School Tips to help Children with ADHD

Last Minute School Tips to help Children with ADHD The last six weeks of the school term can be the most stressful out of the entire year for parents and teachers of children and teens with ADHD. Most of us have noticed it’s during these last couple of months of school that an ADHD child suddenly drops his or her grades, seems to daydream more, has a harder time studying, and gets into trouble more frequently both at and away from school. Why you ask? The answer is not as simple as 1-2-3 or A-B-C, but involves complex interactions that are unique to each child. Those interactions are best dealt with by evaluating each child individually and assessing changes that have occurred in the classroom, at home and in social occasions because of impending deadlines. Here are a few of my observations and some suggestions from treating children with ADHD and ADHD teens that will hopefully give you a little edge in helping your ADHD child make it through the rest of this school year successfully: Spring fever is highly contagious and more so for ADHD kids and teens. Since they have a hard time focusing anyway, once… Read the rest
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