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How to Stop ADHD Medications for the Summer

How to Stop ADHD Medications for the Summer How can I stop my son’s or daughter’s medications for ADHD without causing problems? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from parents of children with ADHD during the early part of the summer.  Many parents feel their ADHD child or teen should be taken off of their ADHD drugs during the summer. Here are a few of their arguments about stopping ADHD drugs: When I was little, my doctor told my parents to stop my ADHD medications to give me a rest over the summer I’m afraid he’s been on them too long without a break and they will damage his brain I’d like to see if her behavior gets better over the summer without those drugs School is out now and since we only started the ADHD medications to improve his grades, he doesn’t need them while he’s out of school I don’t feel like fighting him (or her) to get him (or her) to take the drug while we’re on vacation It’s not like he (or she) is going to be reading or studying over the summer, so I want to give him (or her) a… Read the rest

Children with ADHD at Risk for Bullying and Self Harm

Children with ADHD at Risk for Bullying and Self Harm ADHD experts have long known that children, teens and adults with ADHD are at increased risk for bullying at school, work and even at home. Unfortunately, a recent study showed children bullied by peerswhen they are younger are up to three times more likely to harm themselves in adolescence.” Researchers followed 1,116 sets of twins from 1994 to 1995 until their twelfth birthday and discovered almost 8% of those who were victims of frequent bullying deliberated tried to harm themselves. In contrast, only 2% of those who were not bullied tried self-harming behaviors. Observed self-harming behaviors included: Attempted suicide by strangulation Cutting arms Biting body parts Banging their head against walls And pulling out clumps of hair. In our practice, we have seen kids who deliberated excessively tattooed parts of their body as a result of the stress of being bullying. One teenage girl told me she had done so in hopes her tormentors would leave her alone because they would think she was crazy. Another bully-abused teen in our practice explained he tattooed his arms to keep from “slicing and dicing them with my knife.”  His tattoos… Read the rest

Cure ADHD Behavior without using Drugs

Cure ADHD Behavior without using Drugs ADHD behavior can be cured or treated without using drugs or medications for ADHD or behavioral problems. Avoiding medications for treating ADHD and other behavior disorders now seems to be a hot topic on both parent’s and other healthcare professional’s minds. Why you ask? I believe it’s because so much research is now available showing ADHD behavior can actually be caused by so many things that clearly are not ADHD. In addition, most of us have now heard the recent news of statistics that show as many as 1 in 5 US children will be diagnosed as ADHD by the end of this year. If one in five children in the US is diagnosed as ADHD, nearly 14 million kids will be treated with either ADHD drugs or behavioral therapy by the end of this year. Of those, we expect between 5 and 7 million will have been misdiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. That’s scary and in fact is scaring so many parents of children treated with medications for ADHD that they are now asking questions – questions they never asked before. Yes, with more and better information available, parents like yourself; are… Read the rest

Medications for ADHD: When to change drug treatment

Medications for ADHD: When to change drug treatment Many things should be considered before changing an ADHD child’s medication. Failure to do so usually results in the child’s ADHD behavior or grades getting worse, leading to more frustration on the part of parents and teachers and even much more dread and gloom in your child. Parents often ask how they decide and when doctors need to change their ADHD kid’s or teen’s medications. Here are a few tips to lead you in the right direction: When it comes to your child’s ADHD behavior or grades: If they have improved by at least 75%, then he or she is responding to their ADHD therapy, regardless of what type it is. If they have not improved by at least 75% and they are being treated with only behavior therapy or ADHD coaching, then it’s time to consider drug therapy for their ADHD. If they have not improved by at least 75% and they are on one ADHD drug, consider increasing the dose until that goal is met or unbearable side effects rear their ugly heads. If that doesn’t work, some ADHD experts will change the medication… Read the rest

ADHD Impulsive Behavior and Risk of the Choking Game

ADHD impulsive behavior increases the risk of teens playing the choking game and what parents and teachers should watch for…. Impulsivity is one of the key symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as most of us who deal with children and teens with ADHD can readily attest. Sometimes, ADHD impulsive behavior can be of great benefit both for the person who is ADHD and for others around him or her. It’s often said that without impulsivity the world would have no great military leaders, no outstanding sports heroes, no successful entrepreneurs and maybe even a lot fewer doctors.  The reason is simple: Most of the great discoveries, most of the best inventions, most military endeavors, and most of the world’s most successful surgeons have one trait in common. They are risk takers and on top of it all, they are impulsive extreme risk takers. So, in some cases, impulsivity and risk taking behavior may benefit us all. Unfortunately though, not all risk takers are striving for advancement or betterment. Some impulsive boys and girls are engaging in risk taking behavior just for the sake of a quick high. The choking game played by preteens and teens is one such example of this… Read the rest

How to Build Self Esteem in ADHD Kids Four

How to evaluate self-image in children and teens with ADHD Evaluating your ADHD child’s or teen’s self-image may be one of the most important things you can do to help him or her build self-esteem. As my mentor and friend Dr. Jack Whitaker often said; “The way you feel about yourself has more to do with how successful you are in life than any amount of education that you could ever attain.” Our self-image has a lot to do with whether we excel in our studies, our social life, and our endeavors or whether we simply stand by as the world passes us by. If your ADHD child feels he or she is valuable as a person, then he or she will usually have the curiosity, burning desire, motivation and determination to overcome most obstacles and succeed in just about everything wished. Contrariwise, an ADHD child who thinks poorly of himself or has a bad self-image will rarely risk failure or embarrassment to try to better himself or exceed everyone’s expectations. It’s sort of like this: If you feel yourself a failure from the start, why place yourself in a position or situation where you can fail and prove everyone… Read the rest

How to Build Self Esteem in ADHD Kids Three

Finding a great coach for your child with ADHD Finding the perfect lifestyles coach for your ADHD child or teen isn’t as easy a job as you might think…and at the same time, you’d be surprised at the people you already know that make great coaches. This, our third article in the series “Building self-esteem in kids, whether ADHD or not” deals with the characteristics of a great ADHD behavior coach. And as you read to the end of the article, you’ll understand where to look for a coach and how to pick the best one for your child with ADHD. Between 14% and 17% of parents of ADHD behavior disordered children will choose treating their child’s behavior problem with this option-ADHD lifestyles coaching-instead of drugs or traditional cognitive behavioral training. Why? Because parents are increasingly worried about putting their children on ADHD drugs that often have many side-effects and really don’t “cure anything!”  Like yourself, these parents believe that training a child to recognize and manage his own behavior without medications gives the child a chance “to grow out of” or at least develop skills that let them control their ADHD traits by their late… Read the rest
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