ADHD Behavior-Changing Unwanted Behaviors in the New Year


Parents of ADHD children can empower their child to change unwanted impulsive behaviors in the New Year by using simple training tips!

Here we are at the end of one year and about to start a new one. Most of us are happy to see the year end, as our optimism says we’ll definitely see new and better things as the New Year progresses.

However, as I’ve discovered in the past, there’s always a group of parents who are indeed happy the old year is at a close, but are dreading having to deal with their ADHD child’s behavior in another school session.

Maybe their ADHD teen has a bad attitude and is making failing grades. Maybe their ADHD daughter answers every question with “duh” or “whatever”, frustrating both parents and teachers. Maybe they can’t take their 9 year-old to the mall or to church or just about anywhere without being embarrassed by his behavior or constant butting-in adult conversations.

Whatever is going on…ADHD behavior can cause so much personal, family, and classroom stress that no one wants to be around the child or teen with ADHD. In fact, research has shown that teachers, siblings, other family members when asked, stated they tried to stay-away from or avoid being around ADHD children if possible. Some were even worried that ADHD could be contagious.

Parents can help their children with ADHD learn to deal with their impulsive-annoying behaviors, often preventing those terrible meltdowns that eventually happen when the behavior goes unchecked.  Once an ADHD child learns to deal with his or her impulsive behavior before it gets out-of-hand, parent’s and teacher’s stress levels will usually go way down and the child’s or teen’s learning experiences and social skills will improve dramatically.

So, how do you change an ADHD child’s or teen’s behavior, attitude, or habits?

  •  Slowly…rapid change is frightening and intimidating for ADHD children
  • Consistently…if you aren’t consistent in what you do, how can you expect your ADHD child to do so?
  • By example…your ADHD child or teen learns best by watching and listening to you and others around him or her!

Before we close…

Please let me recommend a new book I read on changing children’s behavior-“The Changing Behavior Book”; A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child by Dr. James Sutton.  In his book, Dr. Sutton offers a realistic insight into all types of child or teen difficult behavior, whether the child is ADHD or not.

What is even more enlightening about The Changing Behavior Book is the way in which Dr. Sutton describes practical and effective approaches to dealing with the difficult behaviors that he discusses.  Parents, teachers, counselors, and doctors will find his instruction easy to understand and implement and likely to be successful in empowering difficult children to change their unwanted-annoying behaviors.

I believe every parent of an ADHD child should consider investing in this book. By using Dr. Sutton’s techniques, you will probably help your child control or even get rid-of those irritating ADHD impulsive behaviors and might just prevent your child or teen from becoming a failure in life.

You can get a copy at

Dr. Frank

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